Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FAMILY --------- Matters

Last week I saw the movie ‘IVAR VIVAHITHARAYAL’. Good movie.
I am not trying to evaluate the movie but the subject.
In my view FAMILY is the most sacred word.But many times problems are there in the sacred area..The Couples/Parents argues for their viewpoints.They are not trying to undersatand or adjust each other.They may have their own reasons to justify it.But why don’t they think about the mind of their blessings(son/daughter).
I know someone they saw their father/mother only at familycourt. Father blames mother & mother do the same thing in reverse manner.What may be in their children’s mind at that time? Actually child don’t have to enquire the truths/arguments in their parents’ relations.But sometimes they are forced to do that.They understand/realize that there is no problem in between their parents other than their EGO.

Jayasurya plays such a role and he seeks a solution to solve parents' problems,but it creates much problems in their life.it is the story of movie....Though there had much problems,cinema has good end.

My question is .........In real life,how many Jayasuryas will have that 'good end'?