Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Young Malappuram-------Good Bye..

When I went to Malappuram,I was unaware about the place.(Eventhough I visited Manjeri -Jithin's house-many times ,I didn’t get much time to watch the places).I came back from Malappuram after 7 months.. I think somethings have to write about Malappuram in my blog.
I worked as Field consultant of SHM inPrincipal Agricultural Office,Malappuram.Eventhough I was working in contract basis,this was the first chance to deal with Government matters. More than 60 personnels were there in office.For me it was a good working atmosphere ever I felt. Actually I acquired knowledge about many office works, files,computer works etc from there.Thanks to all in my office.I don’t count by name because it is very difficult.
Apart from office,I visited many places like Tirur,Nilambur-Teak Museum,Munderi-seed Garden Complex,Chungathara-district Agri Farm,Tavanur-KVK,Perinthalmanna,Manjeri,Nelliyampathi-as a tour programme,Malappuram-Kottakkunnu etc. I felt nice about all the places especially World’s largest Teak in Canoli plot.
Very co-operative people were the distinguishing fact there when compared to my native place.i felt Malappuram as very young.All the times I saw youths in roads especially young couples.I had joined an instituition there to improve my language.There I met many younger friends who were married.That I felt quite strange.
Malppuram gave me a lot of time to read works of eminent Malayalam writers…Naalukettu,Vaanaprastham,Randaamoozham,My story,Alchemist.Honey bees of Solomon,Postmortam,Barza ,Khaskhinte ithihaasam etc are some of them.Also my reading habit had got new dimensions there.
Hotel New Swaagath,Lodge at Munduparamb,Mosque at Munduparamba & Malappuram many things more there to remember.I have to remember the civil station canteen where I (as a staff) got Meals for RS6/-,Upma for Rs 3/-,Dosa for Rs 1.50/-Tea for Rs 2/-,Snack for Rs 1.40/- etc..i think that rate helped me to save money.
Thanks to all—in malppuram…………………………& Welcome to Jithin to my post there……………………………