Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Congrats Anseem.........

Congrats Anseem & KAU-Union 2008-09..
You did a great job by organising the seminar on 'Asean impact in Agri sector" at Gandhipark,Trivandrum.It is our duty to undertand and respond to it as agricultur graduates/agri students.
India signed the crucial trade pact with 10 nation Association of South East Asian Nations which will break duty barriers in the 1.7 billion consumer market in the region.Tariifs will be reduced to zero on 71% of all trade items by year 2013,another 9% becoming tariff free by 2016.The remaining 20% include a list of items on exclusive or sensitive lists,on which high tariffs will be maintained or reduced to 5%.The first phase of implementation is supposed to be over by 1st January 2010.Farm prodcts considered to be sensitive industries like palm oil,tea,coffee and pepper will be covered by FTA but tariff cuts will be applied in staggered steps within 10 years.An estimated 489 items are not included in the agreement.
I have to say it is ridiculous to kill our parents to marry a girl.In my view India did this type action in the case of ASEAN agreement.FTAs are now common between countries or economic blocks.I am not against it.But already paralysed nation like india due to farmers' suicide,should have thought/sought opinions from state Govts before signing the agreement.What is the objecyive of our Govt? Is it to create more farmers' suicide in our country? Kerala is the state has its own uniqueness in every aspects.In this sense,agreement affects more our state.
Discussions going on to include the services in ASEAN agreement.In my view study the long term effect of the agreement,and make a sensitive list according to it. By and large india don't have to make suicide of our own farmers..............................

Once again I appreciate the efforts of crew behind the seminar on 14-10-09.