Wednesday, July 21, 2010


India’s soul is in her villages.As a Keralite I have seen many villages in Kerala.As an agriculture graduate I have visited a few villages outside Kerala during my college days.But now I am in a village, as an Agriculture Field Officer in Allahabad bank,which is far away from our God’s own country.Yes it is Kamalpur ,50 km away from the holy city Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. I know it is not enough time to say something about Kamalpur. But about my first impressions…….

Some friends said to me not to join here & go on trying to achieve my ambition.But I decided to join at Varanasi. No I had to join .I don’t know Hindi well eventhough I studied it in my secondary and higher secondary level.The imprint of the steel torch of my father may be there in my back side which was the result of my hindi class (Bhushan-I after Pravesh) bunking.Whatever it may be,now I have to speak and understand Hindi.

I haven’t seen more places in Kamalpur except the market and bank premises. I am residing here in a house in the market having two rooms –one kitchen & one bed room,only five minutes walk to bank.Good. Isn’t it ?

But….Here it is too hot and energy problem is very high.That means electricity comes and goes when it likes .Totally there will be current for almost 5 hrs per day.But I have seen it only 1 hour continuously . It is not possible to sleep in my room.(It is better to get in an owen.) I have to sleep in terrace. Actually first day I was very disappointed with this condition.But when I got up in morning I was very happy because I saw everybody here is waking up from their sleep in terrace ( we feeling-thani malayaali alle).I don’t forget the inevitable mosquito net.But how can afford a rain at 1.00 am or 2.00 am in this situation.That is what happens now.

If you are intended to reach Kamalpur ,you have to catch bus from varanasi at 6.00 am.If you miss it ,you have the same bus next day.(Some jeeps are also there ..Varanasi-Mughal Sarai-Sakaldiha-Kamalpur..You have to travel though minimum 3 jeeps and it may take more than 4 hours to reach Kamlapur.

Cooking may be an art. But now I don’t feel like that.For me,cooking here is the process to prepare something to end the hungry.Gas cylinder is available here in the shop.There is no need of registration or booking to get gas as in our Kerala.Go shop ,pay money and buy it.Any way I am happy.I can prepare the –so called- food items at my need.

Service of bank to the customers is not upto the expected level.It will take more than 2 hours to withdraw an amount (if it is Rs 200/- or Rs 1,00,000/-).I have to wait till 2.30 pm to take lunch everyday as lunch time is 2.30 -3.00 pm.

And finally You won’t get an English newspaper here.But mobile has enough range & good tariffs.Internet is also available.(Current undenkil maathram).

Once a customer enquired that where are I from.I replied that from kerala.Then he said that he was sure that I would do better job here as I was a Keralite.(Ithil kooduthal enthonnu venam alle).